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Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Product Environmental Footprint

Short film about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel Gina Tricot is honoured and gratified to have worked in cooperation with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel since 2019. Most of the garments in our first Lab Collection are marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means they’re made with reduced environmental impact in every step of production – from raw materials to the finished product. Nordic Swan Ecolabelling can be seen as providing a business with guidance on the work of environmental improvements. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel not only covers environmental issues but also quality require¬ments, since the environment and quality often go hand in hand. This means that a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence can also be seen as a The Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides strong support for Kährs sustainability work Tue, Aug 27, 2019 11:16 CET. Kährs, a leading manufacturer and distributor of flooring has successfully in 2019 renewed its license and certification for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries.

Nordic swan ecolabel

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The Swan checks that products fulfill certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits. Among thousands of investment funds marketed in the Nordic region, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides guidance about funds that guides companies and fund industry in a more sustainable direction. Please visit this page for an overview of all Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds in the Swedish market! Nordic Ecolabelling is a non-profit organisation. This means that the revenue from fees is used to process applications and manage certifications in the national ecolabelling organisations - and to increase the supply and demand for ecolabelled goods and services.

The EU Ecolabel is Europe's counterpart to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and one of the world's top ecolabels. It is a Type 1 Ecolabel, just like the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means it is independent, works according to the life cycle perspective and with a holistic view when criteria are developed.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Product Environmental Footprint

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the most prestigious brands in the Nordic countries. For Kiilto, partnership with the label is an important part of environmental leadership, and even a precondition for sales in the case of some products. The Swan – the Nordic Ecolabel Several of Blå Station’s chairs meet the Nordic Ecolabel’s environmental and quality criteria and have been awarded the Swan which is the Nordic Ecolabel. The Nordic Ecolabel criteria for furniture stipulate low environmental impact as well as high quality.

Nordic swan ecolabel

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Global warming is one of the greatest challenges we face, and the amount of waste we produce keeps growing and growing. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel review the environmental impact of goods and services build upon a life cycle assessment and place demands on function and quality.

Appendix 1 for Licence number 3029 0001. Licence version 6.8. Stockholm  Artikelnummer, 1075-1152. Certificeringer, Nordic Swan ecolabel.

1 Oct 2020 asset managers from near and far have turned to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which today added Ålandbanken's global equity fund to its list. 8 Oct 2020 Obtaining the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for our fund Sustainable Europe clearly reflects our strong commitment and is a response to the increased  28 Nov 2018 The Nordic Swan Ecolabel evaluates a product's total lifecycle from raw material to recycling.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is turning 30. And it’s relevance has never been greater. It is of huge importance for 27 million consumers in the Nordic Region, as well as for the climate throughout the region. The purpose of this report is to compare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Product Environmental Footprint with a focus on environmental information.
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Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Product -

1 2 3 4 In 1989, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to introduce a voluntary official ecolabel, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. These organisations/companies operate the Nordic Ecolabelling system on behalf of their own country’s government. For more information, see the websites: Denmark Ecolabelling Denmark Fonden Dansk Standard Nordic Ecolabel or "Swan" Demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The "Swan" symbol, as it is known in Nordic countries, is available for 65 product groups.