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Descartes rule of signs

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The usual possessive form of Descartes is Descartes' - this is the standard followed on other sites such as MathWorld and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and in the titles of books such as Descartes' Error and Descartes' Metaphysical Physics. In mathematics, Descartes' rule of signs, first described by René Descartes in his work La Géométrie, is a technique for determining an upper bound on the number of positive or negative real roots of a polynomial. 18 relations.

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Call this number “ P ”. The number of positive real zeros is either P, or else P – k, where k is any even integer. The classical rule of signs due to Descartes provides an elementary upper bound for the number of positive zeros of a polynomial, namely, the number of sign changes of its coe cients. Since its publication in Descartes’ monumental La Géométrie in 1637, there has been a substantial body of research on the rule (see, for example, [1,5– 8,10]).

Descartes rule of signs

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Enligt denna regel är antalet negativa verkliga nollor antingen lika med  Descartes' rule of signs Positive roots. The rule states that if the nonzero terms of a single-variable polynomial with real coefficients are ordered by descending variable exponent, then the number of positive roots of the polynomial is either equal to the number of sign changes between consecutive (nonzero) coefficients, or is less than it by an even number. Descartes' Rule of Signs is a useful help for finding the zeroes of a polynomial, assuming that you don't have the graph to look at.

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More precisely, the number of sign changes minus the number of positive roots is a multiple of two. This result is believed to have been first described by Réné Descartes in his 1637 work La Géométrie.In 1828, Carl Friedrich Gauss improved the rule by proving that when there are fewer roots of polynomials than there are variations of sign, the parity of the difference between the two is even. To determine the number of possible negative real zeros using Descartes's rule of signs, we need to evaluate f(-x).

Descartes' Rule of Signs tells us that this polynomial may have up to three positive roots.
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Regeln publicerades första gången av René Descartes 1637 i hans verk La Géométrie.